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Residents protect wetlands in southwest China's Tibet
Editor:China Central Television (CCTV)  Time:2015-6-18
Local residents have been playing the role of wetland protectors in southwest China's Tibet, which has the largest area of national nature reserves among Chinese provinces and autonomous regions.

A total of 42 residents in Tibet's Xainza County are helping the local forestry bureau protect the county's 1.8-square-kilometer nature reserve.

Local herdsman Tsephun is responsible for the area surrounding Cuo'e Lake, where thousands of migratory birds have gathered this month to incubate their eggs.

From April to June every year, thousands of migratory birds, such as bar-headed geese, Pallas's gulls and great crested grebes, choose the lake to lay their eggs.

"The young birds live with their mothers. We are here to protect them from dying due to straying, sickness or starvation," Tsephun said.

"The residents elected protectors like Tsephun who are responsible and deeply attached to the wild animals and birds here," said Penpa Tashi, director of the Xainza County Forest Public Security Bureau.

The nature reserve protectors often patrol for the whole day on motorcycles. They also collect wild animal bodies to stop such products as furs and horns from entering the black market in an effort to curb illegal hunting.

Tibet has 41 million hectares of nature reserves, featuring rich biodiversity.
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